January 9th is Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.

What is Law Enforcement Appreciation Day?


The Annual National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day will give the citizens of NJ the opportunity to show law enforcement officers that we recognize the difficult and sometimes impossible career they have chose in public service to all.

Each day they serve to protect citizens and it’s time to say THANK YOU!

What can I do to support our men and women in blue?

  • Fly a blue ribbon on your car antenna, mailbox, motorcycle, or anywhere it can be tied on
  • Shine blue lights from your home
  • Wear blue all day
  • Send a card or have local schools make cards for the local department
  • Host or attend a local rally in support of law enforcement
  • Share your support on social media and change your profile picture to this image
  • Most importantly, if you see a Police Officer, THANK a Police Officer
  • To learn more about National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day – click here.
  • Download the image to share and help spread the support!